Michelle Oyola McGovern Releases Plan to Solve Palm Beach County’s Housing Crisis

Palm Beach County, FL – Michelle Oyola McGovern, candidate for Palm Beach County  Commission, District 6, launches a plan to address the housing crisis in Palm Beach County. Michelle’s campaign has taken her across District 6, listening to local leaders and talking with residents about the issues impacting them. That is why over 50 local leaders and organizations have endorsed Michelle because she understands what it takes to keep our neighborhoods safe, protect access to abortion, prioritize gun safety, manage growth, and make housing more affordable.

The cost of housing in Palm Beach County continues to increase. As a result, it is becoming harder for residents to live where they work. Families need immediate support and action that puts them first, not special interests. Michelle Oyola McGovern, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission, District 6 has released a plan that addresses the lack of housing options in our community.

“My plan to solve the housing crisis will provide more housing options for residents while still maintaining the unique character of our community. It focuses on housing for those who need it – from new CEOs moving here, to teachers and first responders, to those working service- focused jobs. We need housing for everyone, and it starts with a plan,” said Michelle Oyola McGovern.

Here is Michelle’s plan to solve our housing crisis:

  • Encourage additional workforce housing options
  • Ensure renters are protected with notice requirements
  • Go after bad landlords to keep families in safe homes
  • Fully fund stop-gap measures to keep residents from becoming homeless
  • Work with state and federal leaders on reducing the cost of homeowners insurance

Michelle also knows, if approved by voters, the county's housing bond needs to be implemented with a detailed plan and sufficient oversight. She also wants to prioritize the hiring of necessary planning department staff to help expedite housing projects – this department generates revenue and will also add more inventory to our housing stock.

Overall, Michelle’s plan will provide more housing options for residents while still maintaining the unique character of our community. It will ensure we are protecting residents from going homeless, and allow families the time to plan for their future and maintain a stable housing situation. Lastly, her plan brings additional housing to market helping to bring down the cost of new units and ensures everyone can afford to call Palm Beach County home.