Dear Neighbor,

As Wellington’s 1st Mayor, I know what it takes to lead.

In the upcoming election for Palm Beach County Commission, District 6, the choice is clear – Michelle Oyola McGovern.

Why I’m endorsing Michelle Oyola McGovern:

Like Michelle, I was a full-time working mom, a busy volunteer and ready to take the next step in my commitment to serving my community when I first ran for office.

As a mom, business professional, long-time community volunteer and the face of Senator Bill Nelson’s office for many years, Michelle has unique knowledge of District 6 – our needs and our concerns. I know Michelle will use her voice and experience as the best County Commissioner for all of us.

For example, as Vice-Chair of Wellington’s Education Committee, Michelle realized that the lowest performing students in our schools needed a little extra help. Michelle took the lead and worked with local leaders to create the “Keely Spinelli Grants” which provided funding to help students.  These one-of-a-kind Grants are one of the reasons why our schools are some of the best, AND why our property values remain high.

It’s that kind of vision, drive for results, and leadership we need on the County Commission right now.

I’m voting for Michelle McGovern. I hope you will too.


Former Mayor Kathy Foster