Over the course of this campaign, Michelle has crisscrossed District 6 to listen to our community and share her vision for Palm Beach County.  Voters are noticing and joining Team Michelle daily! Just this week over 100 residents from across our community endorsed Michelle Oyola McGovern for County Commission!

Join us today and add your name to our list of supporters: www.VoteMichelleMcGovern.com/Endorse

Resident Endorsements:

Lois Abrams-Ballen – Lake Worth

Aayush Agarwal – Lake Worth

Mary Alexander – South Bay

Reginald Allen – Lake Worth

Nisaury Amadortejeda – Wellington

Ruby Anderson – Pahokee

Karen Anthony – Wellington

Ivan Aquinovaldez – Wellington

Yaranice Baltazar – Pahokee

Melissa Barber – Loxahatchee

Thomas Barlow – West Palm Beach

William Baxter – Wellington

Donna Baxter – Wellington

Marsha Baxter-Mehl – Lake Worth

Stacy Bellows – Wellington

Yvonne Bembenek – Wellington

John Bowers – Wellington

Mary Brandenburg – West Palm Beach

Tanya Breton – Loxahatchee Groves

Jatava Brinson – Belle Glade

Charles Brown – Royal Palm Beach

Michelle Brown – Wellington

Neville Bruce – Belle Glade

Bonaventura Bruno – West Palm Beach

Julia Burns – Loxahatchee

Peggy Butler – West Palm Beach

Steven Cagnet – Wellington

Hugh Campbell – Royal Palm Beach

Bradley Cassel – Lake Worth

Jaime Castellanos – Wellington

Debra Chandler – Lake Worth

Barbara Cheives – West Palm Beach

Thania Chivichon – Royal Palm Beach

Tracy Ciucci – Wellington

Marc Coleman – Wellington

Starla Davis – Royal Palm Beach

Alexander Domb – Wellington

Claire Dunkel – Wellington

Derrie Durrant – Wellington

Vula Ellis – Lake Worth

Brenda Estrella – Wellington

Marjorie Etienne – Royal Palm Beach

Christopher Farren – Lake Worth

Raluca Florea – Royal Palm Beach

Beverly Francis – West Palm Beach

Edgar Francis – South Bay

Marie Francois – West Palm Beach

Ashley Furlano – Royal Palm Beach

Larry Galina – Lake Worth

Jeanluc Garcon – Loxahatchee

JoAnn Garzione – Wellington

Carlos Gazabon – Royal Palm Beach

Worn Gibson – Belle Glade

Henry Givens – Belle Glade

Jaqueline Glucksman – West Palm Beach

Adriana Gonzalez – Lake Worth

Neslie Guerrier-Lafortune – Royal Palm Beach

Shane Gutierrez – Loxahatchee Groves

Alma Gutierrez – Wellington

Patti Hammond – Loxahatchee

Josh Hanson – Loxahatchee

Sarah Hanson – Loxahatchee

Molly Harding – Loxahatchee

Annemarie Hardy – Wellington

Frank Hayden – Wellington

Marcia Hayden – Wellington

Bruce Helander – Wellington

Tangenica Henry – Royal Palm Beach

Justin Hernandez – Royal Palm Beach

Ruth Hoffman – Loxahatchee

Timothy Hullender – West Palm Beach

John Ingraham – Lake Worth

Rizwan Ismail – Wellington

Harriet Jeweler – West Palm Beach

Dakota Jones – Royal Palm Beach

Andrew Kahn – Lake Worth

Ehsanul Karim – West Palm Beach

Elaine Karon – West Palm Beach

Henry Kelly – Belle Glade

Patty Klammer – Wellington

David Klein – Lake Worth

Leon Kleinman – Wellington

Timothy Koubek – Loxahatchee

Sharon Larsen – Wellington

Ron Larsen – Wellington

Patricia Lebrun – Royal Palm Beach

Steven Licari – Royal Palm Beach

Samuel Litt – Royal Palm Beach

Lisa Luke – Wellington

Jin Ma – Wellington

Alfred Malefatto – Wellington

Harriet Marcus – Lake Worth

Amanda Marez – Lake Worth

Bob Margolis – Wellington

Sergio Mariaca – Wellington

Susana Martinez – Loxahatchee

Ezzard Matute – Loxahatchee

Eva Mcintosh – Belle Glade

Sharel Melillo – Lake Worth

Barbara Mendez – Loxahatchee

Joann Miller – Loxahatchee

Tara Mitchell – Royal Palm Beach

Katie Molzer – West Palm Beach

Mireille Mondesir – Wellington

Edith Monero – Loxahatchee

Brenda Monse – Royal Palm Beach

Claritza Morelderodriguez – Royal Palm Beach

Timothy Murphy – West Palm Beach

Michael Napoleone – Wellington

Nancy Nicholas – Wellington

Dorothy Nixon – Pahokee

Meredith Ockman – Wellington

Paulina Oportocespedes – Wellington

Char Parrado – West Palm Beach

Stephanie Paul – Wellington

Mark Pecaut – Lake Worth

Jordan Perona – Loxahatchee

Quesona Peterson – Belle Glade

Marlene Phillips – Royal Palm Beach

Michael Pitter – Wellington

Kellie Pleu – West Palm Beach

Johanna Prince – Lake Worth

Mrnalini Raghavan – Loxahatchee

Josette Rey – Royal Palm Beach

J Freddy Rhoads – West Palm Beach

Maria Richardson – Wellington

Bertram Robbins – Royal Palm Beach

Audrey Robinson – Belle Glade

Ellen Rubinstein – Lake Worth

Mariadelpilar Saa – Wellington

Sandra Salgueiro – Wellington

Janet Samuel – Wellington

Samuel Scales – Wellington

Gaye Scarpa – Wellington

Melissa Schwartz – Wellington

Deborah Siegel – Lake Worth

Ellen Silverstein – Lake Worth

Mickey Smith – Wellington

Lizz Smith – Wellington

David Smith – Lake Worth

Lanni Smith – Pahokee

Elizabeth Smith – Wellington

Michael Smith – Wellington

Lucinda Soltesz – Royal Palm Beach

Ellen Sotoloff – Lake Worth

Madhaven Sreekumar – Wellington

Marie Stfleur – Belle Glade

Isabella Suarez – Wellington

Gary Sullivan – West Palm Beach

Sandy Valerin – Lake Worth

Cheri Vaniglia – Royal Palm Beach

Benjamin Vega – Royal Palm Beach

Jospeh Verdone – West Palm Beach

Robert Vickers – Belle Glade

Meghan Watson – Wellington

Eleanor Weiss – Royal Palm Beach

Helane Weiss-Ferraro – Lake Worth

Edward Westfield – Wellington

Audrania Williams – West Palm Beach

Marilyn Williams – Wellington

Jene Williams-Rhoads – West Palm Beach

Frank Zeccola – West Palm Beach

Dana Zorovich-Godek – Wellington

Nohelia Zuniga – Wellington

Add your name to the list today: www.VoteMichelleMcGovern.com

Most of all, VOTE MICHELLE on your August 23 Democratic Primary Ballot!

Onward to Victory,

Team Michelle